Marketplace, Exhibition & Fair 

The project reinterprets the usage habits of the marketplace and proposes solutions for both the market and various public needs to the people in the region. It establishes a relationship with the surrounding area by taking advantage of the elevation difference. In doing so, it offers recreational open spaces to the residents. Thus, the project develops a response to activities throughout the day with its scenario between openness and closure.


Toward's a New Public Square

This project’s aim is to create an open space that gives true relevance to the role of the community in the district. A modular system is composed from an elongated rhombus type piece that multiplies and unites in a base module or a complementary module, making an adaptable and progressively growing and transforming structure.

Urbanization and Environment Relationship

The project is shaped around an idea that will establish a relationship with the previously built park in the region, both visually and in terms of content.
The element, which can be described as a public canopy, makes the use in the area more comfortable. In addition, it can produce the energy that will be needed in the field by itself with solar panels.
sing in number, in the design of small home spaces, a functional decoration can be created with less furniture. As a result of the efficient use of narrow spaces, much more personal space can be created.